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What is a Lead, Account, Contact, and Opportunity in

Very concise definitions on the article linked below:


Another reason as to why an user’s SalesForce login may fail

This week I got an issue report from a user saying that the password was not working anymore.

I’ve had reset the password, which makes SalesForce email a link to the user to accept a new password and allow the user in.

Then the user reported that it had happened again.

I was starting to think that the user must have had an account with a different org but, fortunately, this time, the user volunteered to send a screenshot:

The relevant detail on the screen is the DOT between the names on the email address.

The user’s actual email has an UNDERSCORE so the wrong email was being used.

It is easy to miss such a minuscule detail and waste a lot of time looking for the problem elsewhere.

Fixing Word document printing from SalesForce

Some users will have a different configuration in their desktops that will prevent printing a Word document attached to a SalesForce contact.

Below is the typical error when the user attempts to open the attachment and then print:

A solution that worked for one of my users is from this Microsoft link:

A new application window opens when you try to view an Office 2010 document in Internet Explorer 7 or in Internet Explorer 8

This Microsoft page has a convenient button that allows the user to implement the fix with no technical knowledge:


Once the fix is applied, all Microsoft Office documents (including Word) will open within the browser and the user can then click on the browser’s Print icon on the upper right corner:

If users prefer to get to the print dialog first, they can click on the down arrow:

If however, this fix doesn’t work, another Microsoft link promises to reverse the change:

Another item to look for is whether printing from the internet is disabled on the user’s desktop.

This option is seen on the following registry setting: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftInternet ExplorerRestrictions

There should be an entry named “NoPrinting” with value 1, which should be changed to 0.

Facilitating removal of duplicate contacts

Purpose: display a link to the Merge Contacts Wizard from the search screen and from the contact screen

Too many times users search for a contact but end up creating a duplicate anyway.

Most of the time is because they use the first contact that appears and they leave blank the fields you configured in DupeCatcher.

What follows is a way that – hopefully – will make it easy for them to remember to avoid and remove duplicates.

Even if it doesn’t help with that, at least it will make it more convenient to merge duplicates by giving a link to the Merge Contacts Wizard from the search screen and from the contact screen.

1) Create a field named Merge Duplicates (Merge_Contact_URL__c) as Formula(Text) and enter the formula as:

HYPERLINK(‘/merge/conmergewizard.jsp?id=’ & AccountId & ‘&srch=’ & FirstName & ‘+’ & LastName, ‘Merge Duplicates’, ‘_blank’)

2) Enter Description as: Link for opening this contact in the Merge Contact Wizard

3) Enter Help Text as: Click this link if you want to find and merge duplicates for this contact

4) Then add to the Contact Search layout:

5) The convenient link will appear on your search results like this:

6) You can also create a custom button that allows the same function from the Contact itself:

7) Just remember to add the custom button to the page layout: