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How to resize the Apex/VisualForce Editor in the Salesforce UI

When using the Salesforce UI to edit apex/visualforce pages in a larger monitor, usually there is a lot of unused space on the screen.

Salesforce UI default editor

So if you like to use the Salesforce UI instead of Eclipse and have a big monitor, here is a little javascript URL to resize the editing box.

I have created a bookmark with it and use it everytime I need to edit something:

javascript:document.getElementById(“frame_ApexClassEditPage:theTemplate:theForm:thePageBlock:editor:codeeditor:buffer”).style.height=prompt(“What size in pixels?”,”750″)+”px”;return false;

It will ask how many pixels the height should be. 750 is usually a good size for a maximized window in a 20″ monitor.

Salesforce UI editor resized